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    DWP Benefit Statistics Released Today

    Posted in: Welfare and Benefits...

    DWP released regular monthly statistics and annual Winter Fuel Payment statistics at 9.30am today. ...

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    RE: 2011 Census Travel to Work Flows data

    Posted in: 2011 Census

    Mike, Did you get anywhere reporting the odd flow that you found? I've just discovered we have...

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    Definition of poverty

    Posted in: Poverty and Inequality...

    JRF published a report explaining its definition of poverty a couple of days ago. You can find it...


Waiting Times for Suspected Cancer Patients - July 2014

The monthly publication has been indefinitely postponed due to resource issues. Quarterly cancer waiting times data continue to be published at and the next cancer reports for quarter 2 and quarter 3 are due on 19 November 2014 and 18 February 2015 respectively.   We will update users of any further developments via this publication calendar and on the NHS England statistics web site.

Index of Production in Northern Ireland - Quarter 2 2014

General measure of changes in output of production sector industries.

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