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Business and Trade Statistics  

This community is to promote dialogue, share information and maintain close liaison between the producers and users of official business and trade statistics. Its scope covers statistics about the structure, content and performance of businesses within the UK, which includes measures of turnover and other financial transaction variables, and trends in employment, economic growth, markets and productivity.

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Cancer Statistics User Group  

Our aim is to share information, stimulate discussion and promote understanding of the value and uses of cancer statistics. This is a new community in its early stages.

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Census Transformation Programme  

The aim of the Census Transformation Programme is to make the best use of all available data in England and Wales to enhance the provision of population statistics. It will provide a predominately online census in 2021, it will seek to increase the use of administrative data to enhance population statistics, and it will form plans for the provision of population statistics after 2021.

The three major strands of concurrent work in the Census Transformation Programme are:
1. An online census
The programme will provide a predominantly online census of all households and communal establishments in England and Wales in 2021 with special care taken to support those who are unable to complete the census online. This will look at how we run the 2021 Census data collection operation and its coverage survey (including the address register, field force, online/paper data collection, public support and enumeration of communal establishments).
2. Administrative data
The programme will increase the use of administrative data and surveys in order to enhance the statistics from the 2021 Census and improve annual statistics between censuses. This will look at how we integrate census and administrative and survey data to provide and disseminate census outputs.
3. Plans beyond 2021
The programme will decide how we provide these statistics after the 2021 Census.

This community is for all posts relating to the census and the wider remit of the Census Transformation Programme.

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Construction Industry Statistics  

Bringing together producers and users of statistics on the construction industry, we aim to encourage collaboration and the sharing of knowledge among members and increase understanding of construction industry statistics.

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A place to keep informed of and discuss current government consultations on official statistics.

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Creative Industries - Statistics and Classifications  

Forum for DCMS (Department for Culture, Media and Sports) and stakeholders to discuss the creative industries classifications and estimates.

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Crime and Justice Statistics Network  

The Crime and Justice Statistics Network community aspires to provide a forum for discussion, debate and support, aimed at both the producers of crime and justice statistics for improving their quality and accessibility, and the users for encouraging proper interpretation of crime figures and greater analytic use of criminal justice statistics and surveys. Communication is facilitated via JISCMAIL and StatsUserNet.

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Defence Statistics  

The GSS in Ministry of Defence produce official and National Statistics
on a wide range of topics, ranging from the numbers of personnel in the
military, to defence equipment and procurement statistics, to diversity
statistics, to deaths in the armed forces, plus many more.

We welcome discussion and feedback about our statistics and are keen to
hear your views on how we can improve our publications to make them as
useful to you as possible. We are also keen to hear about how and where
you make use of our published statistics. Our aim is that the Defence
Statistics community will provide a central hub for those interested in
keeping in touch with Defence Statistics.

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Energy and Climate Change statistics  

Bringing together producers and users/consumers of statistics & data about energy, climate change, energy efficiency, fuel poverty and other related areas. The community provides the opportunity to discuss the statistics, share documents and raise queries that others may be able to help with.

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Equality & Diversity Statistics Users  

This community has been created to encourage dialogue and share experiences of users of statistics on all aspects of equality and diversity, including Age, Disability, Gender, Race, Religion and Belief, Pregnancy and Maternity, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment.

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Financial and Economic Statistics User Group  

FESUG exists for users of economic and financial data, whether produced by official sources, trade bodies or commercial enterprises. Economic and financial data fundamentally describe our society and the economy so, through meetings and discussions on this website, FESUG aims to improve understanding of compilation methodologies, obtain practitioner views on sources or potential improvements, provide topical discussion and promote expertise amongst users.

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Fire Service Statistics User Group  

The Fire & Rescue Statistics User Group (FRSUG) is an independent group made up of representatives from across the fire sector including staff from the fire and rescue services (FRS), government departments, trade and professional bodies, academia and commerce. The aims of the group are:
•To provide a consultation and engagement forum for fire and rescue statistics and promote the free exchange of views and information.
•To promote the use of fire and rescue statistics to inform policy and practice.
•To identify and monitor existing sources of data and improve users’ access to fire and rescue statistics.
•To identify areas of collaboration and develop where feasible data sharing protocols between members of the Group as part of an overall annual work plan.
•To keep fire and rescue statistics users informed of any new developments in fire and rescue statistics.
These pages on StatsUserNet provide a discussion forum and document sharing site; the official site for the group can be found at

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Harmonisation Team  

It is important that statistics produced by different organisations and at different times are consistent and comparable. Use of standard classifications and harmonised methodology plays a key part in achieving this aim.

The Classifications and Harmonisation of Statistics Community is a forum to highlight, share and discuss the processes and issues affecting harmonisation of statistical classifications and standards. Our aim is to consult, promote and guide members through the benefits of implementing harmonisation methodology. Our helpdesks provide advice to the public, academia, industry, government and non-governmental departments on coding using harmonised standard classifications. Our community forum is to consult, inform, discuss and promote the use of classifications and associated concordances.

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Health Statistics User Group  

Our aims
We aim to represent all users of health and health services statistics, and believe that one of the strengths of the Group is that it provides a regular forum where all users can meet and exchange ideas, across disciplinary or organisational boundaries
Our activities are aimed at:
- maintaining and improving data quality
- data access, and
- use of health and health services statistics.

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Household Income and Spending Statistics User group  

Some of the most important economic statistics produced by ONS relate to the spending and income of households. Household expenditure comprises almost two thirds of expenditure in the UK economy, and the compensation of employees paid to households (predominantly wages and salaries) accounts for close to half of the income in the UK economy. The ONS also produces the measure of UK household saving.
This community forum has been designed to promote dialogue, share information and maintain close liaison between the suppliers, producers and users of these household statistics. It will cover topics drawn out in our regular statistical publications (Consumer Trends quarterly release – covering household final consumption expenditure, and the Economic Position of Households article), as well as highlighting one off articles and future developments.

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Housing Statistics Network  

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Labour Market Statistics User Group  

The Labour Market Statistics User Group (LMSUG) is a forum for sharing how members use Labour Market data and presenting/discussing topical issues.
We meet on a quarterly basis, with agendas based on the topics of interest at that time. This online group provides a place to discuss and share resources outside of our regular meetings, and is also a repository for papers, minutes and presentations
For more information, please contact

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Maternity Statistics User Group  

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Migration Statistics User Forum  

This is a community set up by the Migration Statistics User Forum (MSUF). The Forum has been set up for discussion of migration statistics, allowing users to discuss their need for and use of the data and for producers to consult on presentation and changes. The main focus is on figures for the United Kingdom, but this does not exclude discussion of migration statistics for other countries.
MSUF also has a presence on JISCMAIL at the following link:

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National Well-being  

Aims to promote discussion and debate on the development of new measures of national well-being and how they can be used to meet the needs of policy and the public. This is a new community in its early stages.

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