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This community is to promote dialogue, share information and maintain close liaison between the producers and users of official business and trade statistics. Its scope covers statistics about the structure, content and performance of businesses within the UK, which includes measures of turnover and other financial transaction variables, and trends in employment, economic growth, markets and productivity.

Topic: English Business Survey: Latest monthly data (September 2012)

1.  English Business Survey: Latest monthly data (September 2012)

Today saw the release of the latest English Business Survey (EBS) results for September 2012 . Key points from the September 2012 statistics are: In England and the English regions, backward-looking output balance statistics were positive in September 2012; indicating that when compared to September 2011 and to June 2012, workplaces accounting for a larger proportion of employment experienced higher output levels than workplaces that experienced lower output levels. In England and the English regions, forward-looking output balance statistics were positive; indicating that workplaces accounting for a larger proportion of employment expect output levels to be higher, in 3 months (December 2012). The East of England had the highest backward-looking output balance statistics for any English region, with workplaces accounting for a larger share of employment experiencing higher levels of output in September 2012, when compared to September 2011 (+22%) and June 2012 (+22%). The East Midlands (+17%) and London (+17%) were the regions with the highest forward-looking balance statistics with workplaces accounting for a greater share of employment expecting higher levels of output in December 2012 when compared to September 2012. EBS estimates show stability in employment levels in workplaces in England and the English regions, with workplaces accounting for around two-thirds of employment experiencing employment levels that were the same in September 2012 as they were in June 2012 Detailed EBS data: the EBS Reporting ToolThe English Business Survey Reporting Tool has been released, allowing users to access cumulative quarterly statistics - approximately 2 months after the reference quarter - for a range of geographies including NUTS2 regions and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP). To access the statistics go to - Documents and DataStatistical release and Data tablesAs usual, data tables for the latest survey results and a statistical release are available at: Direct links are:Statistical release: tables: you require statistics in a different format, please e-mail the with your request; please include your name, organisation and a brief description of how you intend to use the data in the email. Micro dataEBS micro data are available for use by approved researchers from ONS' Virtual Microdata Laboratory (link below) and to UK academics via the UK Data Archive (link below).Virtual Microdata Laboratory - UK Data Archive - Next Release(s):October 2012 monthly, and Q3 2012 Quarterly EBS statistics will be released on the 21st December 2012.The EBS reporting tool will be further developed towards the end of the calendar year, with the addition of individual quarters of data. Monthly data (individual and cumulative) are planned for release in early 2013. Feedback & updatesWe would welcome any feedback that you might have on the survey, including how you are making use of the data and any suggestions you may have for further improvements, both in terms of methodology and accessibility to the data.If you (or colleagues) would be interested in receiving regular updates about results from the survey, please let us know. English Business Survey ' Department for Business, Innovation & Skills ' 1 Victoria Street '