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This community is to promote dialogue, share information and maintain close liaison between the producers and users of official business and trade statistics. Its scope covers statistics about the structure, content and performance of businesses within the UK, which includes measures of turnover and other financial transaction variables, and trends in employment, economic growth, markets and productivity.

Topic: English Business Survey User consultation - 7 days left to respond

1.  English Business Survey User consultation - 7 days left to respond

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The Consultation on the English Business Survey will close in 7 days (on 30/8). We would welcome User's views on the Survey to help to shape its future direction. The consultation can be found at and the online form takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete and can be found at You can also submit your response by post or email to:

Gary Wainman

Enterprise and Economic Development Analysis, Department of Business, Innovation and Skill, 

2nd Floor, 2 St Paul's Place, 125 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2FJ

Tel: 0114 207 5114


We look forward to receiving your responses.Please do highlight to other interested parties or colleagues.

Kind regards.Gary