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This community is to promote dialogue, share information and maintain close liaison between the producers and users of official business and trade statistics. Its scope covers statistics about the structure, content and performance of businesses within the UK, which includes measures of turnover and other financial transaction variables, and trends in employment, economic growth, markets and productivity.

Topic: Latest Business Confidence Estimates: English Business Survey (October 2013 and Quarter 3 2013)

1.  Latest Business Confidence Estimates: English Business Survey (October 2013 and Quarter 3 2013)

Today saw the release of the latest English Business Survey (EBS) results for October 2013 and Quarter 3 2013. The key points from the releases are summarised below: 

Key points from the October 2013 statistics are:

  • In England and its regions the latest EBS results are positive with businesses reporting increases in output and employment when compared to July 2013, with balance estimates of +27% and +10%, respectively. This was true for all sectors in England, apart from Construction where more businesses reported employment levels in October 2013 were lower than in July, resulting in a balance score of -7% (estimates are not seasonally adjusted).


  • All regions had positive balance score estimates for output and employment in October 2013. Balance scores for output ranged from +34% in London to +21% in the South West, whilst balance scores for employment ranged from +18% in the West Midlands to +2% in the East of England.


  • When asked to compare output levels in October 2013 to October 2012, more businesses reported higher levels, resulting in a balance score of +34% in England, equivalent to estimates in September 2013 (estimates are not seasonally adjusted). Across all regions, balance scores were positive, ranging from +42% in East of England to +27% in Yorkshire and The Humber.


  • Business expectations about future output and employment levels in January 2014 compared to October 2013 were positive in England. Across the regions, the results were mixed with 4 of the 9 regions reporting negative balance score estimates for both output and employment levels, respectively; North East (-9%, -2%), North West (-12%, -7%), East Midlands (-5%, -3%) and South West (-2%, -2%).


 Key points from the Quarter 3 2013 statistics are:


  • For England and its regions, more businesses reported increases in output and employment in Quarter 3 2013 than a decrease, when compared to Quarter 2 2013, resulting in positive balance scores. In England, the estimated balance score for output and employment were +22% and +8, respectively.


  • When asked about the volume of output levels in Quarter 3 2013 compared to Quarter 3 2012, England and its regions reported positive balances scores. The balance score estimate for England was +31%, the highest since the Survey began and higher than Quarter 2 2013 (+26%) - the previous high (estimates are not seasonally adjusted).


  • Expectations of future output and employment levels for Quarter 4 2013 were also positive, with positive balance scores reported for England and its regions; England reported a balance score of +25% for expected output and +10% for expected employment levels.


  • There was a higher proportion of exporting businesses reporting increases in exporting activity than a decline, leading to a balance score estimate of +6% for Quarter 3 2013 in England. This is 7 percentage points higher than the same period the previous year when the balance score was -1%. Expectations for future exports were equally positive with exporting businesses reporting a positive balance estimate of +19%.


Statistical release and Data tables

As usual, data tables for the latest survey results and statistical release are available at:

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