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Subject: ONS consultation on statistical products

1.  ONS consultation on statistical products

Posted 10-02-2014 12:13
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ONS has today published the findings of its consultation on statistical products, which was open for public comment during September and October 2013. The consultation sought views on the impact of proposed cuts to statistical outputs, necessitated by a reduction in funding, and over 650 organisations and individuals representing a range of backgrounds and interests took part.

The findings can be broadly summarised into three categories:

  • High impact outputs supported by a wide range of stakeholders, that ONS will continue to produce
  • High impact outputs with less widespread support, that ONS is seeking alternative funding for in order to continue

    Lower impact outputs, that will cease production after 31 March 2014

An itemised list of the outputs within each category is published in the full consultation report


Please contact in the first instance if you would like to discuss any of the outcomes further.

Thank you. Nick