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Aims to promote discussion and debate on the development of new measures of national well-being and how they can be used to meet the needs of policy and the public. This is a new community in its early stages.

Subject: Personal Well-being across the UK 2012/13

1.  Personal Well-being across the UK 2012/13

Posted 24-10-2013 09:07

Yesterday the Measuring National Well-being Programme published Personal Well-being across the UK 2012/13. This publication explores personal well-being in the UK in 2012/13, looking at how this varies across the countries of the UK as well as across regions and more local areas.

Breaking down the findings in this way can highlight where policies can be targeted most effectively to improve people's well-being.

Measuring National Well-being is a long term statistical development programme which aims to put people at the heart of official statistics by measuring what matters, and informing better decisions by policy makers.