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Census 2011, 2021 & Beyond

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ONS plans to publish the first outputs from the 2011 Census (population estimates by age and sex for England and Wales and local authorities) in July 2012. Further details on these and the content and timetable for each of the census releases, as well as the availability of the commissioned table service and UK data, will be made available through an online census outputs prospectus that will be launched at the end of March.

ONS is developing new online tools and functionality to deliver an enhanced web site capability for organisations and individuals to access, exploit and explore ONS statistics more effectively. This will assist ONS to extend the reach of the 2011 Census outputs and other business outputs, to a wider audience and meet the open government transparency agenda.
This community will provide an opportunity for members to share views, experiences and good practice about the 2011 Census and dissemination of the outputs, together with the census data analysis that ONS will carry out. ONS is interested in understanding how you use the rich data produced by the census to inform your policy and service delivery and how we can meet your needs in disseminating the data. This will help to realise the benefits.

1.  Key Statistics Table KS106EW

Hi folks

Can anybody clarify this?

Table KS106EW was based on the 2001 Table KS021. The original table had the number of households with one or more persons with limiting long-term ilness. The new table has been updated to take into account the wider definition of the LLTI/Disability and includes a breakdown of whether or not there are dependent children in the household, which is good. However it says one person with LLTI/Disability rather than one or more persons. What about households with more than one person with LLTI/Disability? Is this just a typo in the new layout?



2.  RE:Key Statistics Table KS106EW

The table in release 2 is correct and includes only one person with LLTI/Disability. Households with two or more people with LLTI/Disability will be in Release 3.
Census Outputs Policy and Analysis Branch

3.  RE:Key Statistics Table KS106EW


Does anyone know how comparator statistics from Census 2001 will be made available when KS/QS tables from 2011 are released in December and January? Will they be published alongside the new statistics?


4.  RE:Key Statistics Table KS106EW

Hi louise

ONS have no current plans to publish 'comparator statistics' as a standalone product. 2001/2011 comparability will be provided through reporting rather than tables, this via the statistical bulletins (for England and Wales), which focus on national and regional change, and the short stories, which will look at change in more detail down to the local authority level.