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FESUG exists for users of economic and financial data, whether produced by official sources, trade bodies or commercial enterprises. Economic and financial data fundamentally describe our society and the economy so, through meetings and discussions on this website, FESUG aims to improve understanding of compilation methodologies, obtain practitioner views on sources or potential improvements, provide topical discussion and promote expertise amongst users.

Subject: Latest developments to National Accounts

1.  Latest developments to National Accounts

Posted 16-05-2014 12:00
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In September 2014, ONS will publish revised figures for the UK National Accounts, including gross domestic product (GDP) and balance of payments.

These revisions will reflect significant changes to the international standards adopted by all European Union (EU) member states, as well as other improvements designed to ensure that the UK National Accounts continue to provide a reliable framework for analysing the UK economy and comparing it with other countries.

Web pages explaining the scope of the improvements and the timing of their implementation, alongside the potential impacts of the changes, have now been published. These will act as the central hub for information as the picture develops.

If you'd like to receive direct updates about published articles and planned events, or have any questions about how the changes might affect you, please email