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FESUG exists for users of economic and financial data, whether produced by official sources, trade bodies or commercial enterprises. Economic and financial data fundamentally describe our society and the economy so, through meetings and discussions on this website, FESUG aims to improve understanding of compilation methodologies, obtain practitioner views on sources or potential improvements, provide topical discussion and promote expertise amongst users.

1.  ONS Consultation on the National Accounts workplan

Posted 04-07-2013 08:13
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On 31 May 2013, ONS launched a public consultation on a five year work plan for National Accounts and other outputs that have a close relationship and is seeking comments from users on it. Further details of the consultation and the work plan itself can be found below.

Comments can be provided by emailing with 'National Accounts Work Plan' in the subject line, or in writing to:
National Accounts Coordination Division
Room 1.227
Office for National Statistics
Cardiff road
NP10 8XG

The consultation closes on the 31st July and a summary of the comments will be published approximately three weeks later. The National Accounts Work Plan will then be published around the end of August.

2.  RE:ONS Consultation on the National Accounts workplan

Posted 07-07-2013 11:34

If FESUG is still an active group other than via this discussion forum then this is a topic that it would be good to formulate a collective response to the ONS. I will add my provisional comments to the library.