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Subject: SUF Conference: Statistics for Adult Social Care Policy, 29 January 2013: Summary and presentations

1.  SUF Conference: Statistics for Adult Social Care Policy, 29 January 2013: Summary and presentations

Posted 11-02-2013 17:24
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A summary of the conference held at the Royal Statistical Society on 29th January is attached, together with the presentations from speakers.

Some possible questions for discussion:

The conference concluded by identifying issues that needed further discussion, and it was suggested that the dialogue could be continued through the RSS's StatsUserNet facility, starting with the following questions:

  • Next steps in development of social care survey questions module: in which other surveys should we press for it to be adopted? Is there a potential for a version for use in collecting data in care homes?
  • How do we get regular, comprehensive data on care homes, their residents and on other forms of specialised housing for people with care needs, including longitudinal information such as length of stay?
  • How can we make the collection of better data from social care providers advantageous to them? How can we better share expertise on projecting future demand for care?
  • Can/should we collect better information about the social care workforce through existing sources such as the Labour Force Survey?
  • The Department of Work and Pensions produces statistics on the take-up of income-related benefits. Could/should the Department of Health produce equivalent statistics on social care?
  • How can we work towards a social care research database?