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The Statistics User Forum (SUF), supported by the Office for National Statistics, aims to be the strategic voice of users of official statistics. The Forum acts as an umbrella organisation for user groups, each of which covers a particular area across the spectrum of official statistics. Through the Forum we enable open and constructive dialogue between users and producers of official statistics and encourage communication across the user community.

Statistics User Forum Meeting - 2 November 2017

  • 1.  Statistics User Forum Meeting - 2 November 2017

    Posted 17-10-2017 11:30
    Edited by ONS Admin 18-10-2017 10:20

    You should all be aware that the next Statistics User Forum meeting is on Thursday 2 November at 14.00 (with the traditional light lunch at 13.00). It's taking place in the ONS office at 1 Drummond Gate, which is just yards from Pimlico underground station.  

    There are two significant differences for potential attendees to note compared to when we hold the meetings in the RSS Council Chamber:

    Firstly, we are far more limited on space. We really need to know in advance who wants to attend and, as a result, have to limit it to one attendee per organisation or user group. Restricted availability means that we cannot allow for anybody turning up unannounced I'm afraid!

    The second issue is security. The building can only be accessed through a security barrier, so, as with the numbers above, I really need to know in advance who is planning to attend for security reasons.

    So please let me know as soon as possible, and no later than Monday 30 October, whether you plan to be there. Can you also specify if you are arriving for the lunch at 13.00 or whether you will be arriving just for the meeting. If it is the latter, please ensure that you arrive promptly.

    I will be issuing a final agenda by email before the meeting but the following is a list of the main items that will be included:

    • ONS/GSS User Engagement Developments
    • Website Developments
    • Code of Practice Consultation Update
    • Presentation from the What Works Centre for Wellbeing

    You can let me know your plans as a response to this post or by emailing



    Statistics User Forum
    External Affairs & Engagement Officer
    ONS User Intelligence and Engagement Team


    Admin ONS

  • 2.  RE: Statistics User Forum Meeting - 2 November 2017

    Posted 20-10-2017 11:17



    Thank you for the post but I wonder if the arrangements that you have set out are a little too restrictive and might be detrimental to attendance over time.


    I am assuming that because of the size of a SUF meeting that, whatever the arrangements, it will be held in the Board Room in Drummond Gate.


    Now there were 26 people attending the SUF meeting at the RSS in July.  Only 4 organisations had more than one representative (ie 2 reps) at the July meeting – two of which were the OSR and ONS! 


    The other two were the RPI /CPI User Group and the Health Statistics User Group which are probably two of the most active user groups. 


    There would appear to be other options available on attendance that would mitigate your problem with space – 


    • The first would be that second representatives would be allowed to attend when numbers allow. I don't particularly favour this approach because of the uncertainty it entails, the inevitability of late apologies and the messy administration.


    • The second would be the solution adopted in many international meetings of a second row of chairs. Second representatives and latecomers would be assigned to the "cheap seats" if there was no room at the table.  This would seem to me at least to be a better and more inclusive option.


    I think that in general the intention should be to encourage participation by the widest range of those who wish to embrace user engagement rather than appear restrictive.  Otherwise the risk is that attendance at SUF may suffer which is in no one's interest.



    I hope this is helpful.



    RPI /CPI User Group


    1. I plan to attend on the 2nd for both lunch and the meeting – unless I am excluded as a second representative!

  • 3.  RE: Statistics User Forum Meeting - 2 November 2017

    Posted 20-10-2017 12:20

    Can I reinforce this, as the other 'second rep' present at the last meeting. Like Arthur, I would be interested in attending the next meeting.


    Perhaps Forum members who are able to access sufficiently large rooms free of charge could offer to rotate hosting? I appreciate that ONS probably has larger rooms in Titchfield and Newport, but most of us don't have the funds to go there. I seem to remember making comments in the past about possible implications of relocating the headquarters of our National Statistical Service to a building two miles outside Newport, but that is past history and whoever made the decision has collected their gong and retired.


    Alison, HSUG


  • 4.  RE: Statistics User Forum Meeting - 2 November 2017

    Posted 25-10-2017 13:08
    ​Since SUF will be meeting at the ONS offices, will it be possible to dial into the meeting by phone or VC? This would save me a trip down to London and also free up space around the table.

    Best wishes

  • 5.  RE: Statistics User Forum Meeting - 2 November 2017

    Posted 27-10-2017 11:51
    ​When will we know if you have filled your 26 seats?