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Food prices in Canada vs UK

  • 1.  Food prices in Canada vs UK

    Posted 04-04-2018 04:01
    Edited by Andrew Baldwin 04-04-2018 04:03

    Hello, all.

    My fellow Canadian colleague Sam Boshra was struck by how much lower prices for products vegans might buy seemed to be at Tesco, as discussed in a March 18, 2018 video by Rae Likes Froot, than vegans could find in Canadian stores. He took the trouble to compile a list of prices for March 2018 for such items in Canada from Walmart and in the UK from ASDA, supplementing it with prices for chicken and other items would not consume. I just put an edited version of his file in the library. Although the UK prices are generally lower, the range is baffling, with a huge discount for carrots and almost none for potatoes. Does anyone have an explanation for what Sam has found?   One guess might be that different items are used as loss leaders in the two countries, but I am really just clutching at straws.

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