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The Treatment of Non-Life Insurance in Consumer Price Indices

  • 1.  The Treatment of Non-Life Insurance in Consumer Price Indices

    Posted 28-07-2018 00:35

    Dear all:

    I added to the library a document on pricing of insurance services, a rewrite of the paper I wrote for the 2018 CEA meeting geared to UK readers. (Thank you to Arthur Barnett for reformatting the revised version of the CEA paper.) The summary of the paper is: "The UK should break the identity that now exists between the UK HICP and the UK CPI. The UK CPI should be calculated based on the best judgement of the ONS for a proper macro-economic index: the first change to be made is to replace the net premiums approach to insurance with a gross premiums approach."

    This also applies to the quarterly OOHPI series based on net acquisitions that the ONS is currently calculating for Eurostat. Since it uses a net premiums approach to calculate dwelling insurance, ONS should calculate a separate quarterly (or better yet, monthly) series that would take a gross premiums approach to measuring dwelling insurance. Even if Eurostat decides to add an OOHPI component to the HICP in its report due at the end of the year, in my opinion it would still be better if the UK went its own way on defining  a macroeconomic consumer price series.

    Best regards,