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ONS slides – Understanding our Media Impact

  • 1.  ONS slides – Understanding our Media Impact

    Posted 22-03-2018 21:49
    Edited by Arthur Barnett 31-03-2018 19:25

    There was interesting presentation by ONS at the Statistics User Forum (SUF) on 15th March.


    The presentation offered a preliminary analysis of work ONS had done on their impact in the media for the second half of 2017 – not all media as broadcast and social media weren't covered.  This is a very short presentation and the measures are understandably not fully defined.


    The slides are on the SUN under the SUF community –




    Inflation releases get the most coverage (13.7%) with more than twice the coverage of the next highest category of migration (5.4%) – slide 4.


    The slides offer a more detailed analysis of the coverage of inflation on slide 6.


    Below is the middle of a rather crowded slide 6.  The overall picture offered in not surprising with the two largest impacts being the CPI and RPI which would tend to confirm anecdotal evidence.  

    Thank you to James Tucker for pointing out that the HPI is the House Price Index and not the HCI as I assumed – apologies but the original text below is therefore based on an incorrect assumption.

      The more interesting part may be the relationship between CPIH and HPI – presumably the HCI.  The HCI only made an appearance at the end of the six month analysis period and CPIH had been promoted regularly by ONS in its monthly releases.  HCI appears to have had about half the coverage of CPIH despite its lower profile. 

    All the best.



  • 2.  RE: ONS slides – Understanding our Media Impact

    Posted 29-03-2018 14:11
    Hi Arthur,

    Just to clarify, the HPI refers to the House Price Index.


    James (ONS)