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Paper on variances

  • 1.  Paper on variances

    Posted 13-09-2017 16:03
    Dear users,

    You may be interested to see the following article, entitled 'The Effect of Variance in the Weights on the CPI and RPI', published in the Autumn 2017 edition of our Survey Methodology Bulletin.


    Kind regards,

  • 2.  RE: Paper on variances

    Posted 22-09-2017 16:18
    Apologies for delay in responding to this paper.

    The paper seems to deal with sampling errors but not non-sampling errors.  Evidence from year to year changes in weights (even at high levels of aggregation) suggest that non-sampling errors are far greater than sampling errors.  This is why I have advocated weight smoothing between years.

    Also, the sampling method seems much closer to PPS sampling than stratified random sampling, so I'm not sure what can be deduced from this work.

    Other comments are that FISIM is not included and that the biggest cause of variation in expenditure patterns is tenure type and this is not addressed in the paper.