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The Royal Statistical Society’s Statistics User Forum (SUF) aims to be the strategic voice of users of official statistics. The Forum acts as an umbrella organisation for user groups, each of which covers a particular area across the spectrum of official statistics. Through the Forum we enable open and constructive dialogue between users and producers of official statistics and encourage communication across the user community.

Subject: Upcoming training courses at the RSS

1.  Upcoming training courses at the RSS

Posted 16-02-2017 15:23

See below for details of training courses at the Royal Statistical Society in the coming months. Just click on any of the course titles below to find out further information on content and how to book your place.

Consultancy Skills
Date: 7 & 8 March
Presenters: Roland Caulcutt & Julie Bullen
Level: Foundation

This is a highly participative and fun two day training course for statisticians who wish to improve their ability to help non-statistical clients. Discussions and interactive exercises will allow participants to explore the non-statistical issues that can undermine effective consultancy.

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
Date: 20 & 21 March
Presenter: Richard Morey
Level: Foundation

Bayesian statistics has become a standard approach for many applied statisticians across a wide variety of fields due to its conceptual unity, clarity, and practical benefits. However, because training in Bayesian methods is often not a standard part of research curricula, benefits of Bayesian statistics have been slower to reach applied researchers. This two-day course aims to provide a working knowledge of Bayesian statistics for interested researchers.

Identifying Trends and Making Forecasts
Date: 4 & 5 April
Presenter: Nigel Marriott
Level: Foundation

This two day foundational course illustrates the basic practice for summarising and measuring trends as well as the best methods to extrapolate trends into a forecast.


Introduction to R & Regression Modelling in R *
Date: 16 & 17 May
Presenter: Paul Baxter
Level: Foundation

The purpose of this course is to introduce participants to the R environment for statistical computing. Day 1 of the course focuses on entering, working with and visualising data in R. Day 2 focuses on regression modelling in R, including linear, general linear, logistic and survival models.


Statistics of financial markets *
Date: 18 May
Presenter: Steve Bell
Level: Foundation
This course looks at real financial market data and shows how it differs from the idealised models based on Gaussian statistics. The implications of this for standard market risk measures such as VaR will be explored. Alternative risk measures such as AVaR and stressed VaR will be introduced.


Introduction to Python *
Date: 23 & 24 May
Presenter: Robert Mastrodomenico
Level: Foundation

This course is intended to be an Introduction to the Python programming language. Through the use of taught material and practical examples, participants will build up the skills needed to perform data analysis using Python.


*Early bird discounts available


For further information about these or any of our other courses please visit our website or contact training.

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