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The Labour Market Statistics User Group (LMSUG) is a forum for sharing how members use Labour Market data and presenting/discussing topical issues.
We meet on a quarterly basis, with agendas based on the topics of interest at that time. This online group provides a place to discuss and share resources outside of our regular meetings, and is also a repository for papers, minutes and presentations
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  • ​ The Department for Work and Pensions are currently consulting on new statistics to measure claimant unemployment in a more consistent manner over time. We are keen to hear from all users of the Claimant Count and DWP benefit statistics with their views ...

  • The Office for National Statistics would like to invite you to our upcoming workshop   Transforming Labour Market Statistics by Integrating Survey and Non-Survey Data.   The workshop will be held on the 17 th   May 2018 at the Amba Hotel Charing Cross, ...

  • Dear all: I just added a paper to the library about how the Mariel boatlift is treated in a recent 2015 Bank of England Staff Working Paper that was referenced in the Bank of England's February Inflation Report. All comments are welcome. Although it happened ...

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