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  Latest Business Confidence Estimates: English Business Survey (October 2013 and ...Dec 20, 2013 9:46 AMGary Wainman

Latest Business Confidence Estimates: English Business Survey (Oc...
From: Gary Wainman
To: Business Statistics
Posted: Dec 20, 2013 9:46 AM
Subject: Latest Business Confidence Estimates: English Business Survey (October 2013 and Quarter 3 2013)

Today saw the release of the latest English Business Survey (EBS) results for October 2013 and Quarter 3 2013. The key points from the releases are summarised below: 

Key points from the October 2013 statistics are:

  • In England and its regions the latest EBS results are positive with businesses reporting increases in output and employment when compared to July 2013, with balance estimates of +27% and +10%, respectively. This was true for all sectors in England, apart from Construction where more businesses reported employment levels in October 2013 were lower than in July, resulting in a balance score of -7% (estimates are not seasonally adjusted).


  • All regions had positive balance score estimates for output and employment in October 2013. Balance scores for output ranged from +34% in London to +21% in the South West, whilst balance scores for employment ranged from +18% in the West Midlands to +2% in the East of England.


  • When asked to compare output levels in October 2013 to October 2012, more businesses reported higher levels, resulting in a balance score of +34% in England, equivalent to estimates in September 2013 (estimates are not seasonally adjusted). Across all regions, balance scores were positive, ranging from +42% in East of England to +27% in Yorkshire and The Humber.


  • Business expectations about future output and employment levels in January 2014 compared to October 2013 were positive in England. Across the regions, the results were mixed with 4 of the 9 regions reporting negative balance score estimates for both output and employment levels, respectively; North East (-9%, -2%), North West (-12%, -7%), East Midlands (-5%, -3%) and South West (-2%, -2%).


 Key points from the Quarter 3 2013 statistics are:


  • For England and its regions, more businesses reported increases in output and employment in Quarter 3 2013 than a decrease, when compared to Quarter 2 2013, resulting in positive balance scores. In England, the estimated balance score for output and employment were +22% and +8, respectively.


  • When asked about the volume of output levels in Quarter 3 2013 compared to Quarter 3 2012, England and its regions reported positive balances scores. The balance score estimate for England was +31%, the highest since the Survey began and higher than Quarter 2 2013 (+26%) - the previous high (estimates are not seasonally adjusted).


  • Expectations of future output and employment levels for Quarter 4 2013 were also positive, with positive balance scores reported for England and its regions; England reported a balance score of +25% for expected output and +10% for expected employment levels.


  • There was a higher proportion of exporting businesses reporting increases in exporting activity than a decline, leading to a balance score estimate of +6% for Quarter 3 2013 in England. This is 7 percentage points higher than the same period the previous year when the balance score was -1%. Expectations for future exports were equally positive with exporting businesses reporting a positive balance estimate of +19%.


Statistical release and Data tables

As usual, data tables for the latest survey results and statistical release are available at:

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map presenting selective Quarterly results for NUTS2 areas will be updated shortly. The Map can be accessed from:

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Best wishes for the festive season.



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