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Census Transformation Programme

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The aim of the Census Transformation Programme is to make the best use of all available data in England and Wales to enhance the provision of population statistics. It will provide a predominately online census in 2021, it will seek to increase the use of administrative data to enhance population statistics, and it will form plans for the provision of population statistics after 2021.

The three major strands of concurrent work in the Census Transformation Programme are:
1. An online census
The programme will provide a predominantly online census of all households and communal establishments in England and Wales in 2021 with special care taken to support those who are unable to complete the census online. This will look at how we run the 2021 Census data collection operation and its coverage survey (including the address register, field force, online/paper data collection, public support and enumeration of communal establishments).
2. Administrative data
The programme will increase the use of administrative data and surveys in order to enhance the statistics from the 2021 Census and improve annual statistics between censuses. This will look at how we integrate census and administrative and survey data to provide and disseminate census outputs.
3. Plans beyond 2021
The programme will decide how we provide these statistics after the 2021 Census.

This community is for all posts relating to the census and the wider remit of the Census Transformation Programme.

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