Compendium of Clinical and Health Indicators-new portal February 2012


The Compendium of Clinical and Health Indicators has recently transferred from the National Centre for Health Outcomes Development (NCHOD) to the NHS Information Centre Indicator Portal. The interface has changed markedly and accessing the indicators on the new portal is requiring more time to navigate, and not all features and functionality from the previous system seem to currently be there. This is an important resource, particularly for Public Health departments.

Answer from the Clinical Indicators Team

The decision to classify the indictors according to subject rather than type of indicator (e.g. mortality / prevalence / incidence) was taken since these types of indicators only comprised a proportion of the indicators which were planned to be surfaced through the new portal. Classifying by subject therefore allowed all the indicators to be classified in a consistent manner. This also has the advantage of improving the discoverability of different indicators for the user, since a user browsing around a subject grouping enables other types of indicators to be found, which may previously have been unknown and promotes a wider understanding. The hospitality of the taxonomy was also an important factor in the design, since the indicator portal is to expand to contain more indicators, which are not necessarily of a specific indicator type. The portal enables keyword searching to support the user who is interested in specific attributes, for example indicator type. A user can therefore enter a search on 'mortality' and a list of all the mortality indicators will be returned, likewise a search on 'prevalence' would bring up all the prevalence indicators.