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Apprenticeship scheme: assistance from NHS Organisations

  • 1.  Apprenticeship scheme: assistance from NHS Organisations

    Posted 10-12-2018 17:38

    Dear colleague


    A trailblazer group has been set up, chaired by John Battersby, Public Health England, to develop a new masters level apprenticeship standard in Health and Care Intelligence.  The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) have linked the group up with Jill Nicholls, relationship manager for science related occupations, who will help the group through each stage of development.


    Occupational Proposal

    The trailblazer group have reached the first formal stage in developing a standard, which is submitting what the IfA calls the 'occupational proposal'. More information can be found on the IfA website. The expectation is that the apprenticeship standard will include the activities of NHS and other care providers, in addition to Public Health.  To help the group develop an occupational proposal, they are requesting that NHS employers get in touch with John and send copies of their job descriptions.  The level of JD's expected  would probably be around Agenda for Change band 6 or equivalent in whatever grading system is used (as they are all different).


    Overview of setting up a new standard

    More information on each stage is available on the IfA website.

    1.            Submitting the occupational proposal

    2.            Drafting of the standard

    3.            Submission of the standard (once the Occupational Proposal has been approved)

    4.            Drafting of the End Point Assessment (EPA)

    5.            Submission of the EPA (once the standard has been approved)

    6.            Allocation of final funding band


    The group are also looking for NHS employers, large or small, who would like to be involved or would like to find out more about the trailblazer group and the standards being developed.  For more information please contact John Battersby at and copy who is supporting John.

  • 2.  RE: Apprenticeship scheme: assistance from NHS Organisations

    Posted 14-12-2018 13:02
    I am not clear why this call is for NHS employers who would like to be involved in the apprenticeship scheme given the fact that a large proportion of public health intelligence teams are local government employees. How is the local government/public health aspect of the apprenticeship standard in Health and Care Intelligence being taken account of in this process? Are you seeking similar assistance from local authorities?


  • 3.  RE: Apprenticeship scheme: assistance from NHS Organisations

    Posted 15-12-2018 14:02
    Dear Neil,

    Thanks for your comment.  What should have perhaps been made clearer in the note is that the Health and Care Intelligence Apprenticeship is intended to have two options: 
    Population and Public Health Analysis
    Health and Social Care Analysis
    so the organisational settings range from central government and arms length bodies to individual NHS Trusts and Local Authorities .

    We already have local authority and public health represented on the Trailblazer Group, and so need more  input from employers on the NHS side, which is why the note specifically mentioned needing assistance from NHS organisations.  However, having said that, if there are Local Authorities who are interested and not yet on the Trailblazer Group then they are welcome to participate.

    Best wishes


    Deana Leadbeter
    Chair, Health Statistics User Group