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    Posted 27 days ago
    To all HSUG members
    You may already be aware of ongoing work to address concerns about the suitability of the Statsusernet platform used for this website in light of technical difficulties and functionality issues, including reviewing alternative platform options for the future..

    To update you on these plans, the ONS team have been working  with the current platform providers to ensure a full back-up of its contents. They have also been evaluating user requirements as captured through a workshop held on 10 January and from other feedback, and also reviewing existing tools.

    HSUG committee have been representing the needs of HSUG members in these discussions about the future of the web site.  We will keep members informed of progress as these discussions and developments progress.  However, it  is possible that changes to the platform may lead to a temporary break in the facilities available, and so we may need to make greater use of the HSUG jiscmail group during this interim period.  
    If you wish to ensure that you continue to receive information from HSUG during this possible hiatus, and have not yet signed up to the HSUG jscmail group, we recommend that you do this. This can be done by sending the following email to with a blank subject line:
    Subscribe HSUG [your name]
     A further update on website developments will be shared at the Statistics User Forum (SUF) meeting on 7 March, and we will provide further details as they emerge.
    HSUG Committee